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Copeland Application Engineering Bulletins

Section 4. Compressors

4-1094 Location of High and Low Pressure Ports
4-1111 Mounting Parts for Copeland Compressors
4-1135 Cooling Requirement for Copelametic Compressors
4-1166 Copeland Oil Pumps
4-1167 Copelametic Tandem Compressors
4-1181 Discharge Line Mufflers
4-1183 Starting Test Conditions for Copelaweld PSC Motor-Compressors
4-1199 Non-Standard Stator Cover Identification
4-1219 Bolt Torque on Copeland Compressors
4-1240 Application of Model “BR” Compressor
4-1255 U.L. and C.S.A. File Data
4-1265 Model 8D Compressors
4-1273 Factors to Consider in Converting Compressor Rated Capacity to Actual Capacity
4-1274 Motor Horsepower vs. Compressor Efficiency

4-1276 CR*4 Compressor Application Considerations
4-1279 External Discharge Line Mufflers for BR Compressors
4-1280 Application Guidelines for Copeland Compliant Scroll Compressors (ZR*1 Models)
4-1281 Oil Charges for Copelametic Compressors
4-1283 Discus R-22 Envelope Extended
4-1285 Extending Medium Temperature R-502 Compressors and Condensing Units
4-1287 Copeland Discus Demand Cooling
4-1289 Application Guidelines for CR*6 Compressors (Replaced by AE 1329)
4-1291 Using Air-Cooled Copelametic Compressors for Low Temperature HCFC-22 Applications
4-1292 Medium Temperature R-22 Copelaweld Compressors
4-1293 Application Guidelines for "QUEST" 4 - 6.75 Ton ZR*2, ZR*3 and ZR*KC Model Compliant Scroll Compressors
4-1294 Megohm Values of Copeland Compressors
4-1295 HFC-134a Refrigerant Guidelines
4-1296 Application Guidelines for Glacier K3 Refrigeration Scroll Compressors
4-1298 Extended Medium Temperature R-404A/507 Hermetic Compressors and Condensing Units
4-1299 Application Guidelines for Glacier K4 & KA Refrigeration Scroll Compressors 2-6 Horsepower
4-1300 Application Guidelines for 1.5 - 4 Ton “Quantum” ZR*K3 AND ZR*KC Model Compliant Scroll Compressors
4-1301 Application Guidelines for ZP**K*E Scroll Compressors for R-410A
4-1302 7½-15 Horsepower K4/KA Refrigeration Scrolls
4-1303 ZR*KC Scroll Application Guideline for 7 to 12 Ton Single and 14 to 24 Ton Tandem Compressors
4-1305 Application Guidelines for SystemPro™ AF, AR & AS Refrigeration Hermetic 1/8 - 1 HP Compressors
4-1306 Application Guidelines for RF Low Temperature Refrigeration Compressors
4-1307 Application Guidelines for CF Refrigeration Compressors and Condensing Units
4-1310 Application Guidelines for Glacier k4 Refrigeration Horizontal Scroll Compressor 2-6 Horsepower
4-1311 Application Guidelines for ZRS and ZPS Two Capacity Step
4-1312 Application Guidelines for 1.5 to 6.75 Ton Scroll Compressors
4-1315 Application Guidelines for TF Open Drive Scroll Compressors
4-1316 Application Guidelines forZR90K3 to ZR19M3 and ZR250KC to ZR300KC ScrollTM Compressors
4-1317 Application Guidelines for ZBKC /ZBKC Refrigeration Scroll Compressors
4-1318 Application Guidelines for ZB*KC/ZB*KCE Refrigeration Scroll Compressors 7 to 15 HP
4-1327 Economized Vapor Injection (EVI) Compressors
4-1329 Application Guidelines for 1.5 to 5 Ton Hermetic Reciprocating Compressors Models CR_KQ, CR_K6, CR_K7
4-1330 Application Guidelines for 2.5 to 5.0 Ton VR30KS to VR54KS and VR34KF to VR61KF Scroll Compressors
4-1331 Application Guidelines for 1.5 to 5 Ton Model ZP R-410A Copeland Scroll Compressors
4-1334 Low Condensing Temperature Bulletin
4-1336 Discus™ Optimized Medium Temperature Models Bulletin
4-1380 Guide for the use of R-290
4-1387 Application Guidelines for ZS**KAE Copeland Scroll Refrigeration Compressors 1.3 to 4.5 HP

Section 5. Condensers

5-1174 Water Flow Requirement and Water Pressure Drop for Copeland Water Cooled Condensing Units
5-1340 Care and Cleaning of Air Cooled Condensing Units
5-1377 Copeland Scroll Outdoor Condensing Unit

Section 8. Control Devices, Electrical

8-1095 Oil Pressure Safety Controls Obsolete
8-1275 SENTRONIC AND SENTRONIC+™ - Electronic Oil Pressure Control
8-1314 SENTRONIC+TM Electronic Oil Pressure Control
8-1328 Copeland Scroll Digital Compressor Controller
8-1337 Copeland Intelligent Store™ Discus® Operators Manual
8-1347 Copeland PerformanceAlert Diagnostic Module
8-1351 Intelligent Store Discus 2.0
8-1363 Noise Filter Installation for Intelligent Store Discus 2.0 Communications Networkl
8-1366 Copeland Sentronic3 Electronic Oil Pressure Control
8-1367 CoreSense Protection for Copeland Discus Compressors
8-1370 SecureStart™ for Copeland Scrolls
8-1376 Electronic Unit Controller

Section 9. Motors

9-1076 Terminal Plate Connections for Dual Winding Compressors
9-1154 Copeland Nameplate Amperage Rating
9-1209 Single Phase Motors - Frequent Causes of Failure
9-1228 Copeland Nameplate Voltages
9-1249 Power Factor Correction
9-1250 Maximum Continuous Current Rating for Copeland Compressors
9-1269 Copelaweld Motor Terminal Connections

Section 10. Motor Protectors and Starting Equipment

10-1187 The Effect of Electrical Components on Motor Protection
10-1244 Recommended Contactor Selection and System Design for Three Phase Motor Protection
10-1264 The Electronic Motor Protector
10-1267 Potential Nuisance Field Problem with Impedance Lockout Relays on Solid State Protected Compressors
10-1272 Copeland Supplied Run Capacitors
10-1313 Guidelines to Using a Three Phase Voltage Monitor

Section 11. Accessories

11-1147 Suction Accumulators
11-1247 Suction Accumulators for Heat Pump Applications
11-1297 Liquid Line Filter-Driers

Section 17. Basic Application Recommendations

17-1195 The Effect of Defrost Control on Compressor Operation
17-1212 Design Consideration for Refrigerant Receivers
17-1214 High Pressure Controls
17-1233 Non-Standard Application of Copeland Compressors
17-1234 Low Ambient Compressor Operation
17-1235 Parallel Compressor Operation
17-1238 Application of Immersion Type Crankcase Heaters
17-1242 System Design for Bulk Milk Tank Refrigeration
17-1243 Air to Air Heat Pump System Design
17-1248 Refrigeration Oils
17-1251 Design Considerations for High Ambient Conditions
17-1252 Design Considerations for Heat Reclaim Systems
17-1257 System Design for Container Refrigeration
17-1260 Compressor Overheating
17-1261 Compressor Selection for Mobile or Transport Applications
17-1262 Compressor Short Cycling - An Unrecognized Problem
17-1263 Air to Water Heat Pump Cycles
17-1268 Compression Ratio as it Affects Compressor Reliability
17-1282 Oil Additives
17-1284 Switching Refrigerants in Field Installation
17-1320 Oil Management in Scroll Compressors in Parallel Applications

Section 19. Low Temperature Systems, Single and Two Stage

19-1132 Copelametic Two Stage Compressors, Application and Service Instructions

Section 20. Transport Refrigeration

20-1152 Transport Refrigeration
20-1197 Low Limit Pressure Controls for Low Temperature Truck Applications

Section 21. Capacity Control

21-1160 Hot Gas Bypass Control Systems
21-1216 Internal Capacity Control Valves for 4, 6, and 8 Cylinder Compressors
21-1222 External Capacity Control Valves for 9R and 9D Compressors
21-1278 MODULOAD - Capacity Control for 3D Compressors
21-1319 Digital Capacity Control for Refrigeration Scroll Compressors

Section 22. Refrigeration Migration and Charge Limitations

22-1182 Liquid Refrigerant Control in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Systems
22-1230 Off Cycle Motor Heat for Liquid Refrigerant Migration Control

Section 23. Electrical Control Circuits

23-1221 Recommended Control Circuits for Liquid Refrigerant Control

Section 24. Installation

24-1105 Principles of Cleaning Refrigeration Systems

Section 25. Testing, Service, and Warranty

25-1068 Air Cycle Testing of Reciprocating Compressors
25-1177 Safe Handling of Compressed Gases When Testing or Cleaning Refrigeration Systems
25-1290 Use of Reclaimed Refrigerant In Copeland Compressors

Section 26. Refrigerant Changeover Guidelines

93-02 CFC-12 to R-401A (MP39)
93-03 CFC-12 to R-401B (MP66)
93-04 CFC-12 to HFC-134a
93-05 R-502 to R-402A/R-408A
93-11 Copeland Accepted Refrigerants and Lubricants
94-15 CFC R-502 to HFC R-404A/R-507
95-14 R-22 to R-407C
2005CC-54 R-22 to HFC R-404A/R507
2007CC-13 HCFC R-22 to HFC R-422A/D
2010ECT-19 HCFC R-22 to HFC R-438A Med and Low Temp

Section 27. Screw Compressors

1.501 Screw Compressors for Commercial A/C
27-1308 Application Guidelines for Contour SCH1 High Temp Compressors
27-1309 Application Guidelines for SHL1/SHM1 & SHL2/SHM2 Compressors
27-1322 Compact Application Manual
2001-141 Screw Compressor Replacement Parts Guide
2001-71 Screw Compressors Compact Operating Instructions
2002-08 New ESC Screw Compressor Control Module
2001-81 ESC 201 Electronic Module JETKOOL OIL Cooling System
2004CC-122 INT69VSY-II to SE-E1 Conversion Guide
2004CC-124 Screw Compressor Bolt Torques
2004CC-206 Copeland Screw Competitive Compressor Replacement Guide
99-14 Screw Compressor Mechanical Guidelines
99-77 Screw Compressor SCH1 Compact Operating Guidelines
99-107 Screw Compressor SHM/SHL Compact Operating Guidelines


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